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A Volunteer Not-for-profit Organization Committed to Addressing the Concerns
of Individual Owners of Freehold Minerals in Canada

Purchasing a membership will not only help FHOA to continue providing you with information and education, researching issues of concern and promoting fairer treatment by acting as your common voice but will also allow you access to services we offer exclusively to members*. Such as;

Website Access: Members have full access to all the articles on the website. We recommend you log in to your account when you first arrive to the site to avoid delays of having to log in once you’ve found the article you’re looking for.

What’s The Going Rate?: The question which FHOA hears most frequently is "What’s The Going Rate?" Now members are able to view an interactive map which provides them with that information.

Sale/Lease of your Mineral Rights: Members may post mineral rights available for sale or lease.

Newsletters: Keeping our members up to date with the most recent industry news and what FHOA is doing as their Common Voice.

Seminars: Members enjoy a discounted fee to come and join us as we host technical experts speaking about current critical issues. We are working on making our seminars available on our website for those unable to attend due to distance, vacations, working etc.

Technical Service Reports: If your freehold mineral interests are not leased and you are approached to lease them by a land agent, current information on well and land activity in your area may assist you in negotiating a fair and reasonable lease agreement.
If your freehold mineral interests are leased, you should monitor well activity on and adjacent to your mineral interests in order to insure that your oil company-lessee is complying with the terms of your lease agreement.

Evaluation Service: Our members have found the mineral rights evaluation services provided by Calgary engineering firms to be overly expensive. In some cases, excessive evaluation fees have acted as a deterrent to proper estate and tax planning for freeholders. In response FHOA has fostered the formation of Freehold Owners Evaluation Services Ltd.

Recovery Service: The role of the recovery service is to assist members in assessing the magnitude of any past unpaid royalties which may be due to them and to recover these entitlements from involved industry operators. These are typically technically and legally complex matters and to assist freeholders in recovering what is rightfully theirs in a cost effective manner FHOA has fostered the formation of Freehold Owners Recovery Services Ltd.

Freehold Friendly Lease: The FHOA lease may be purchased for twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

*Members must be in good standing - expired membership result in a non-member status.


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Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Owners Association

"Freehold Owners Association"

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