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Since inception, the Freehold Owners Association has researched a multitude of complex regulatory, legislative and legal issues which impact individual freehold mineral owners. Based on this research FHOA has drafted numerous submissions to oil and gas industry regulators, government officials and our elected representatives (see “FHOA as Your Common Voice” – “Correspondence”). This research has also supported FHOA’s interventions before regulatory bodies and all three levels of court in Canada (see “FHOA as Your Common Voice” – “Interventions”).

Some of the issues researched have lead to changes in legislation or judicial rulings favourable to individual freehold owners (see “The CBM Ownership Dispute”, “The Capable of Producing Issue”). However many issues which FHOA has researched remain unresolved (see “Alberta Limitations Act Issues”, “Regulatory Issues”) and new issues which impact the property rights of freehold mineral rights owners are constantly arising.

For example, in the 2012 fall sitting of the Alberta Legislature, the Government of Alberta intends to introduce legislation creating a single oil and gas regulator. Concurrently, a policy management office will be created within Alberta Energy. The intent of these changes appears to be to streamline the regulatory process by preventing interventions based on policy from disrupting the energy industry’s applications for various approvals from the regulator. The Freehold Owners Association’s finds it particularly ominous that its submissions to the task force implementing these changes (see “June 2011 Submission to Regulatory Enhancement") were completely ignored.


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